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    • Mixer truck rotation sensor for truck management DR800

      Contact NowMixer truck rotation sensor for truck management DR800Introduction Mounted to a mixer truck, the Drum Rotation Sensor is designed to measure speed, direction and rotation of the mixer drum. This information can then be translated to show when begin load and begin pour statuses occurred. Two pcs of magnets with opposite poles need to be fixed on the axis and wheel (the two pcs of magnets are symmetrically distributed, and N pole of one magnet should be fixed facing the sensor and S pole of another magnet should be fixed facing the sensor), and fix the of the arrow on the sensor’s probe test surface facing the rotating arc of the magnet. When the wheel or the axis rotating,Read More

    • Accurate fuel level sensor, to be used in irregular truck tanks TRACLOGIS

      Contact NowAccurate fuel level sensor, to be used in irregular truck tanks TRACLOGISFuel and Oil level sensor Traclogis TL800 is intended for precision fuel and oil level measurement in containers and fuel tanks of vehicles, road tanker monitoring systems, fuel storages, generators, GSM station etc, with capacitive technology and unique assembly, which enable convenient operation in harsh environments steadily. The sensor can be integrated with any professional control units and equipment of GPS tracking.Read More

    • Cheap GPS tracker for motorcycle

      Contact NowCheap GPS tracker for motorcycle Capacitive Fuel level sensor TL800 from Traclogis, Ultrasonic fuel level sensor UL800, Motorcycle GPS tracker TL300 for fleet management, Driver fatigue monitor system,Rotation speed sensor, DS18B20 temperature sensor for temperature monitoring and so on.Read More

    • GPS tracker software for truck fleet

      Contact NowGPS tracker software for truck fleet The GPS tracker software which is designed for professional fleet management project, with real-time status and history tracking, which will enable easy check of vehicle updates at any moment, with independent user account management features, it would be convenient for the users to manage their own vehicles.Read More

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