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GPS,wifi Principle

Traclogis Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2016

WiFi positioning principle of GPS maps

I didn't know Google WiFi positioning has been sniffy about this technology, I would like to say from the IP Address where to locate the precise, up from some public IP to GEO databases can query the IP is in the city, is no way precise positioning. But as I find GPS satellite positioning features of iPod Touch could have Google in the case of open WiFi near the location of the map accurate to me, which caused me a lot of curiosity, how is this done? Clearly it cannot be to query by IP Address?

Read some files with simplified and traditional Chinese characters, it is thought go that far too many, and still didn't see the essence, so directly from English to check it! Sure enough, found a lot of information, and also understand the principle of Google WiFi positioning. Before that to explain the terms.

GPS positioning: is centred on the Earth several satellites send signals to the ground, the location of the cross even set out methods. Start car navigation products from more than 10 years ago, is the use of this technology. Initial position often takes more than a minute of time, which is currently the car navigation and positioning of smart phones offer. When shelters will block the signals from the sky of difficult to locate.

GPS positioning: by prior downloaded ephemeris data, to speed up GPS positioning above the initial speed. Because most vehicle navigation machine does not have Internet connection and therefore cannot be downloaded ephemeris data in advance, so it does not have the GPS positioning.

Mobile phone base station positioning: is detected by cell phone base station (Cell Tower), repository, and signal strength, seat of the cross even set out methods. Also because you want to be able to detect mobile phone base stations, so the average car navigation machines because they do not have mobile phone capacity to provide, you could almost say cell phone base station location is smart phones or tablet computers that plug into mobile phone SIM card can provide functionality. This law is subject to an Internet-connected database queries to complete the positioning.

WiFi positioning is based on detection of nearby Wi-Fi base stations around (WiFi Access Point) of the MAC Address (format like 10-78-D2-93-58-C2), coordinates of the MAC Address in the database, location of the cross even set out. This law is subject to an Internet-connected database queries to complete the positioning.

So here's the thing: the Wi-Fi base station MAC Address corresponds to the latitude and longitude database, is how to build it?

Infrastructure relies on Google Street view car. Google Street view cars in addition to take street view outside, and do two things: (news source: Google blog)

Gather all public Wi-Fi MAC Address, together with the longitude and latitude of the time records.

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